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Harmonia Rosales: Repainting the Grand Canvas

A few months back, I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page, when I was struck by a particular work of art. The rich colour palette, the expression of the radiant black woman, the high art style with which she’s most carefully painted in. I was excited – I don’t get to see this kind of classic style on people of colour very often. I had to see more of this amazing artist’s work!

That’s when I stumbled upon Harmonia Rosales’ profile, and never have I been more grateful to Instagram’s algorithm and the universe for putting it in my way. Reimagined classic paintings with beautiful black cherubs, all types of natural hair textures, black women represented as figures like God and Adam, just to name a small section of her subject matter. Her work combines activism with exceptional artistic skill to create refreshing representations to address the lack of diversity within art.

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Object of Antipathy


Light filters through the gap between the half-drawn curtains, beams stretching out to caress the beads held tight in Sian’s hand. Once again, she had woken up before her 8 AM alarm and, once again, she had reached out to feel those worry beads.

The curves of deep orange and yellow fall under her fingers almost absentmindedly. Sian, half-present and half-daydreaming, gazes into their internal flames as they catch the light. It can’t be denied. They are stunning.

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How To Stop Writer’s Block From Being A ‘Thing’

Yes, my fellow writers. I can hear your groans from far away. You’ve been planning to put pen to paper for some time and now you’re here. Your fingers rest on the pen – or keyboard, depending on what you’ve decided to write with – where they haven’t moved for the last twenty minutes. The page is blank, marked by nothing more than a title, if you’re lucky. Where are those profound downloads from the universe? How long must you sit there unproductive before your ‘AHA’ moment finds you?

We’ve all sat there thinking similar thoughts at some point. I’ve definitely had my fair share. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like the left side of my brain has been put on temporary standby. And I completely understand that writing isn’t something that you can just  force, at least successfully. But I’ve learnt a fair few techniques at uni to help in curing writer’s block, by generating creative material that you can work from, or even just sparking off subsequent new ideas. You’re most welcome. Continue reading


Where have you been? 

Wow. It’s been over a year since I last touched this blog and I feel a little guilty.

Like…what have you even been doing? Well, besides the occasional mental breakdown, juggling assignments and a dissertation, working, growing my edges back, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, nothing much. You know, the usual. There’s good news though – I’m finished with uni! But I swear for three weeks after, the grind never stopped, as I was kept busy trying to set my art business up. Who knew it’d be so incredibly tedious and painstaking? I find I’m great at getting things going…and not as good at maintaining that energy all the way through. So just imagine my feelings of bliss now that it’s done! I’ve only just recently let the fact that I’ve finished education forever sink into my brain, now that I don’t have a mountain of tasks to do. I hear my impeding existential crises already.

So…why come back now? I’m glad you asked. During that hectic Creative Writing student life, I had virtually no time to create art. I’m sure some of my fellow creatives will understand when I say I need hours at a time (you know those trance-like states where you forget to eat) to be at my best, and get the most fulfilment. So as soon as that last assignment touched the counter of the English office, that’s all I could think about doing. I also think it’s because I was just tired of reading and writing words. I had over twenty hefty sized books on loan from the library, as well as 16,000 words to squeeze out of my mind. I don’t need to say more. But now I’m itching to get back in touch with my first love again.

I’ve grown a lot since starting this blog – it hasn’t felt like it, but it’s been on the net for over two years now! And during that time, my tastes have evolved and so have my desires for its aims. I’ve realised just how much of a multi-faceted, creative individual I am. So besides loving art, travel, and more superficial things like fashion (which I assure you I haven’t lost an interest in), I also have opinions. A lot of them.  And if any of you follow me on Twitter and pay attention to the odd tweet that surfaces on the ocean that is your timeline, you probably already know.  I want my blog to reflect this. A little window into my mind, if you will. These opinions will probably translate into book and series reviews, posts on current affairs and issues, and also random thoughts that plague me at 2 am in the morning (because, why not?).

I look forward to posting more new content, and hope you guys enjoy the journey!

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RBSA Review: Jain McKay’s Channeling the Old Masters and Hannah Northam’s Form, Figure, Face

[Originally posted on ArtsBrum]

The café area of Jewellery Quarter-based RBSA Gallery has been home to the sculptures and paintings of its associate members, Hannah Northam and Jain McKay, for the last week. Northam’s exhibition of mainly bronze figures offer a beautiful contrast to the white and grey platforms they’re perched upon, while McKay’s mixed-media work spread colour around the walls. Both artists incorporate a range of different styles and techniques, so there is definitely something in their art that will speak to you, whether it’s abstract or realism (or an amalgamation of both) that floats your boat most. Continue reading


London Town: LDN x ART

I’ve been M.I.A for the past four months and I wish I could say I didn’t spend all that time trying to keep together all my mental strings. But I’ve survived assignment and exam season relatively unscathed, so you have a lot of fresh material coming your way over the following months!

I can’t say this post is exactly ‘fresh’. My mind gets nostalgic under pressure and I found myself longing to relive last summer, rather than type another letter for another assignment. So that’s why we’re here now, looking through throwback pictures from last year. Keep scrolling to frolic down memory lane with me, admire the traditional and contemporary masterpieces in Tate Britain and Modern, and gush at some of London’s beauty.

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Good ‘n Hood


I almost want to start this post off with ‘raindrop, drop top’ because this outfit was channelling all sorts of bad and boujee. Not gonna annoy you with more Migos references though…I’m sure that’s all you’ve been seeing and hearing since December.

But look at this huge choker, even huger fur coat (servin’ them pimp looks) and these slick as hell boots. Migos and Lil Uzi would make an appropriate soundtrack for this post. Featuring The Hood Lab, LAMODA and Missguided… Continue reading