about page imageABOUT ME AND THE BLOG

I’m  Keenia Savannah (formally the Styliad & Oddity) – a 20 year-old English Literature with Creative Writing student who has a penchant for all things pink and grey, urban style, and Victorian novels. I’m currently in my second year of study at the University of Birmingham. Born and bred in Brum, you can see I haven’t flown too far from the nest yet.

It’s difficult to avoid those cliché, overused statements when I explain my passion for writing. Short fiction, poetry, reviews – I enjoy writing it all. Blogging is another thing I can now add to that list. Over the years, I’ve grown to be equally enthusiastic about fashion and art – two things that you’ll be seeing a lot of on the blog.

This is a creative lifestyle blog that was set up in late January 2016, in order for me to combine my love for writing, style and art. But it had been long on my mind before this point. The blog has allowed me to do what I love best: to write about my interests and have fun with it along the way! No longer is it just about style and art, but it’s expanded to cover the things I see and do/people I meet on my travels too.  I wanted this to not only be a tool for my own self-expression, but a point of inspiration for other young creatives and a platform for their ideas. I’m referring to young creatives worldwide, but those in the Midlands (UK) in particular. Whether graphic design/traditional art, fashion design/styling, writing/blogging is your thing or not, I hope that my posts interest, if not inspire you in some way.

In my spare time, when not writing or creating cool outfit combos, I am in denial about my materialistic habits, eating cheesecake and dreaming of more clothes my student budget can never afford.




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