about page imageABOUT ME AND THE BLOG

I’m  Keenia Savannah – a 21 year-old artist, writer, blogger, and over-thinker based in Birmingham, UK. I have a real penchant for Victorian and sci-fi dystopian novels, chai lattes, and of course, writing. 

Short fiction, poetry, novels, reviews, blog posts, personal essays – I enjoy writing them all. Even those really elaborate reviews on Booking.com. This blog began in January 2016, with the aims of combining my love for writing, fashion, and art. It has allowed me to do what I love best: to write about my interests and have fun with it along the way!

But my blog has evolved with me over the years. It’s moved away from fashion, expanding to cover my own art and writing work, tutorials, and also my own opinions on current affairs and popular culture. From the beginning, I wanted this to not only be a tool for my own self-expression, but a point of inspiration for other young creatives and a platform for their ideas. I’m referring to young creatives worldwide, but those in the Midlands in particular. Whether graphic design/traditional art, fashion design/styling, writing/blogging is your thing or not, I hope that my posts interest, if not inspire you in some way.



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