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What’s trending for AW16/17?

We’re well into Winter now (it’s finally starting to feel like it), so you may already be familiar with the key trends for the season. If not, then the key to nailing Autumn/Winter is standing out. We’re ending 2016 and bringing in the New Year with bold patterns, big silhouettes, high shine and tufted textures. Subtle is not what it’s about.


Has anyone not noticed that velvet has been on pretty much every runway, site and store? If there could be one defining trend of AW16/17, then it would be this. The former favourite is back in full force, demanding attention with the luxe vibes it brings to every ‘fit, no matter the colour. You only have the whole rainbow to pick from, as it’s not just about your classic black and blue. Switch it up with a bit of burgundy, green or pink. There are literally a million ways to wear this luxurious material, as it’s being incorporated into everything. Think bags, dresses, flatform trainers, barely there’s, chokers – anything goes. This is no longer just a rich night look either. Feel free to tailor your pieces for daytime.

All-Terrain Athleticism

We all know about sports luxe…it’s been around for a while. This season, it gets a level up and everything is in: biker jackets, leather pants, hiking platform boots, puffa and bomber jackets. You can combine all the different sports elements, or just keep your outfit fresh with clean shapes and high energy colours.


The Puffa

Our supersized friend has made a comeback, and you can probably consider it as the main cover-up of the season. The puffier, the better. I did say this Autumn and Winter were about being loud and standing out, after all. Pick up a puffa and never be overlooked again. Channel your inner Bianca and opt for a metallic silver, or go for high shine satins or matte pop colours.


Lingerie as outerwear has been in for a while and I don’t see this changing any time soon. Yet we’re moving on from lacy bralets and moving to corsets. Look to the likes of Kim K and Kylie to see how to style this trend. It’s all about corsets (or large lace up or multi-buckle belts) worn over your dress or t-shirt to cinch in that silhouette. Just remember: layer, layer, layer.


Galaxy Glitz

Is it glittery? Does it have sequins? Is it in a hi-res metallic material? Yes? Then congrats, you’re bang on trend. It’s maximum shine time and the focus is on anything embellished and bright. Add some sparkle to your outfit by adding some gold, copper or silver finishes. Or you can be more daring and slip into a slip dress covered with sequins.

Sweetheart necklines

If you’re having trouble visualising this one, think of Rihanna styling her Balenciaga jacket off-shoulder style. Or exposing her collarbone in that white button-down Vetements shirt. Basically, when in doubt, just think Rihanna, as she’s got this trend down pat. Got the image in your head now? Great. Well, it’s sexy as hell but not very practical, considering the emphasis is on transforming regular tops and jackets rather than intentional off the shoulder shirts. Don’t let that put you off, though…with a little practice (and probably loads of tit tape) you may be able to operate as normal without fears of making yourself indecent.

Which trend are you loving the most at the minute? Let me know below!


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