[originally posted on the Missguided blog]

Two Fridays ago, Missguided decked the Guild at University of Birmingham with balloons, candyfloss, GIFs and glitter for our first ever sample sale, and yes we mean GIFs and glitter quite literally. Among the many boxes of sample clothes, shoes and accessories, we brought along a GIF photo booth, as well as glitter breakfasts for our early access VIPs. That is, real edible glitter sprinkled into fruity mocktails…as if the event wasn’t Instagrammable enough already!

same-sale-2_4samplesale2A killer playlist, great vibes and even greater selfies – who could really ask for more? We absolutely loved seeing you girls slay the booth and getting creative, in between the frantic shopping.same-sale-2_13samplesale2same-sale-2With the help of all you Birmingham babes who managed to come down, we smashed this event and raised over £5000 for Girls Out Loud! The turn out was so crazy that the queue was stretching for daysss, with a large number of girls turning up hours before the doors opened. It honestly felt like Boxing Day two months early. Within three hours, we pretty much sold out – unsurprising as many girls really didn’t f*ck about with shopping, lugging full Missguided sacks on their backs to the exit like Santa.

same-sale-2_22samplesale4same-sale-2_15same-sale-2_16‘We only regret the things we don’t buy’, our huge light box read. And you ladies who managed to get your hands on some items really made sure you left without any regrets! But to the other babes who didn’t get a chance to get in, keep your eyes peeled for the next student event.

same-sale-2_11same-sale-2_10same-sale-2_7same-sale-2_1same-sale-2_6We’re looking forward to seeing your sample sale selfies and hauls, so don’t forget to tag them with #studentsxmissguided. Hope to see you babes at the next event!

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