MISSGUIDED: HQ & Meeting the Hella Cute Team


So, in case you haven’t already seen me plaster this information all over my snapchat, insta and twitter, I’m now a student brand ambassador for Missguided! Even as I type this, I’m squealing. It’s crazy to think that I’m now working with such a babein’ brand, one that I’ve been shopping with for over four years.

But I’m not the only one! Five other babes from University of Birmingham make up our Student Ambassador team: Becky, Hanna, Millie, Winnie and Phoebe [pictured above, in order from left to right]. We met for the first time at the start of this week at Missguided’s Manchester-based HQ which is, if you didn’t know, probably ‘the most instagrammable office on the planet’ (in the words of KK!).


BTS of our Missguided photoshoot!

Missguided invited us up to Manny for training, so we could get to grips with our new role as well as meet the other gals and Campus Group team. It was such a fun two days! If I had to pick a highlight, it would be between getting our personalised bombers (who said they DON’T want their initials on a jacket? Nobody, ever) and seeing the head offices in real life. Staring at pictures on a computer screen really can’t compare to seeing sassiness in person.

I made sure to take a few snaps while I was there, so scroll down to see some pictures of the bangin’ HQ!



I pinched this one from KK

I can’t wait for the events we’ll be doing this year, and I’ll be sure to put up some more cool shots on the blog.

Isn’t the Missguided HQ a dream? Let me know your thoughts!

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