Spain Side Sittin’: Malaga’s Street Art

When you think of ‘art’ and ‘Malaga’, Pablo Picasso may spring to mind. For me, it definitely did so during my holiday there, I made sure to visit the Picasso Museum. But on the way to that museum (well, on the way to anywhere, really), there was art all over the street walls.

I noticed that the instances of street art I saw were predominantly political…they really had something to say even if I could barely understand any text that was written. ‘Libertad’ is something that was repeated a lot however, and that much I understood. What wasn’t calling out for freedom or justice, was vibrant and attention-demanding. So have a scroll to see the few pieces I managed to capture (and also the pretty buildings, because I couldn’t help myself)…


What do you think of Malaga’s street art?

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One thought on “Spain Side Sittin’: Malaga’s Street Art

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